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Southside Elementary Library


SSE 2020 library calendar of events update

  Chapter book club in the library for first and second  grade began January 7 and ended  March 6  Students who met the chaper book club goal will be eligible to have AR poinnts added to their account so they can atttend the May AR party. Charlotte's Web ​ play at ​Main Street Theater ​ on April 17 has been cancelled.. However I have posted a link to an online play performed by elementary students, and the book pdf to read on class dojo! 

 Spring Book Fair: March 16 - 19 has been postponed.. 

 End of Year AR party date TBD. 







5th grade
First - Eliseo Vargas- McCoy

Second - Montserrath Alamilia- McCoy
Favian Garcia - McCoy

Third - Jheidy Espinosa- Saucedo
Johana Castro - Saucedo




4th grade
First - Gunter Brawn- Marsh

Second - Andrea Arita - Franco
Nataly Jimenez - Franco
Daniela Rivas - Gabbard

Third - Esmeralda Avelar - Franco



3rd grade
First - Noemi Garcia - Kunkel

Second-Camila Menendez - Kunkel
Kate Obando-Castro- Kunkel
Melanie Robles - Springstead

Third - Galilea Ramirez - Springstead

2nd grade
First - Stephanie Mesa - Miller

Second- Emilliano Hernnadez - Martinez
Jasmine Rodriguez- Miller

Third - Melina Calvillo
Montserrat Martinez - Peterson
Victoria Medina - Martinez

1st grade
First - Sophia Espinoza - Slocumb

Second- Elizabeth Puac - Slocumb
Yailin Tejada- Slocumb

Third - Alejandro Fajardo - Hubbard