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Southside Elementary Library


SSE 2020 library calendar of events update

  Chapter book club in the library for first and second  grade began January 7 and ended  March 6  Students who met the chaper book club goal will be eligible to have AR poinnts added to their account so they can atttend the May AR party. Charlotte's Web ​ play at ​Main Street Theater ​ on April 17 has been cancelled.. 

 Spring Book Fair: March 16 - 19 has been postponed.. 

 End of Year AR party date TBD. 






Congratulations to the following students who placed first, second and third in the Cleveland Art oft Reading Contest. 



5th grade
First - Eliseo Vargas- McCoy

Second - Montserrath Alamilia- McCoy
Favian Garcia - McCoy

Third - Jheidy Espinosa- Saucedo
Johana Castro - Saucedo




4th grade
First - Gunter Brawn- Marsh

Second - Andrea Arita - Franco
Nataly Jimenez - Franco
Daniela Rivas - Gabbard

Third - Esmeralda Avelar - Franco



3rd grade
First - Noemi Garcia - Kunkel

Second-Camila Menendez - Kunkel
Kate Obando-Castro- Kunkel
Melanie Robles - Springstead

Third - Galilea Ramirez - Springstead

2nd grade
First - Stephanie Mesa - Miller

Second- Emilliano Hernnadez - Martinez
Jasmine Rodriguez- Miller

Third - Melina Calvillo
Montserrat Martinez - Peterson
Victoria Medina - Martinez

1st grade
First - Sophia Espinoza - Slocumb

Second- Elizabeth Puac - Slocumb
Yailin Tejada- Slocumb

Third - Alejandro Fajardo - Hubbard