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Zoning 2020

Posted Date: 05/28/2020

Zoning 2020

Cleveland Independent School District (CISD) continues to be one of the fastest growing
school districts in Texas. With fast growth and opening of new schools, it has become

zoningnecessary to redraw the attendance boundaries of our schools.  
The two reasons for redrawing attendance boundaries of a school
are to accommodate the opening of a new school, like
Cottonwood Elementary, and to meet the demands of our growing
population by balancing student enrollment at existing campus locations. 

Cleveland ISD conducted an enrollment study to determine where student growth is
currently taking place and where it is projected to take place over the next five year. 
The study also examined how our current and future school boundaries may have to
change over the next five years when two more elementary schools and a new
middle school are built.


The Cottonwood Elementary attendance zone extends South to the district boundary beginning
at Road 3540.   Homes North of Road 3540, including those living on Road 3558 and 3556 will continue
to attend Southside Elementary. 












Families currently attending Eastside Elementary who live South of Road 343, North of 347s and
East of Plum Grove Road will be rezoned from Eastside Elementary  to Southside Elementary for the 2020-2021 school year.

East to South