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CISD Star Students

Posted Date: 10/15/2020

CISD Star Students


Week ending 4/9/2021


  • Sebastian Espinoza! (Pre-K) Sebastian is such an excellent student! He comes into class ready to work every day! He is a little shy at times but when his silliness comes out he makes us all smile! Way to go, Sebastian! ~T. Maready
  • William Jimenez! (Pre-K) William is a Star Student because he is a great friend, he follows the rules, and he has improved, learning and growing. ~T. Collums
  • Aaron Lara! (Pre-K) Aaron is cheerful, hardworking and attentive, he is always eager to learn and works well with his peers! ~B. Capo
  • Miles Good! (Kinder) Thank you Miles for working so hard in class. You are doing amazing things! ~C. Bruno
  • Alexa Grace! (Kinder) Alexa you are doing awesome things in class. Keep up the great work. ~C. Bruno
  • Selene Chavez! (1st grade) Selene exhibits consistent positive behavior in the classroom and is a good role model for all her classmates. ~G. Armitage
  • Nicole Ayala! (1st grade) Nicole is a joy to be around. She finishes her work on time and always strives to do her best. ~G. Armitage
  • Eliana Lobo Perdomo! (1st grade) Eliana comes to school every day ready to learn. She is mastering math skills quickly even with our language challenge. I enjoy working with her every day. ~D. Slocumb
  • Michael Martinez! (1st grade) Michael has made huge growth this year and has hit his academic goals in my class. I am so proud of the hard work he has shown. He has set a great example for his classmates! Way to go Michael, keep up the great work. ~D. Hubbard  
  • Eliana Lobo Perdomo! (1st grade) Eliana comes to school every day ready to learn. She is mastering math skills quickly, even with our language challenge. I enjoy working with her every day! ~D. Slocumb
  • Randy Torres! (2nd grade) Randy is an excellent student, he works hard every day. He loves reading, writing and Social Studies activities. ~J. Martinez
  • Justin Brewer! (3rd grade) Justin is an awesome student! He did so amazing on his benchmark testing and he is such a great helper. ~C. Kunkel
  • Isabella Sanchez! (3rd grade) Isabella is a wonderful student who is always willing to help others. She is doing great in class and I have loved having her as a student!! ~C. Kunkel
  • Andrea Montejano! (4th grade) Andrea is a kind, and compassionate student who goes out of her way to support her peers. She demonstrates strong leadership qualities and is a consistent role model! ~L. Ozminkowski
  • Christopher Silva! (5th grade) Christopher is kind, polite and super helpful. I love having him in my class. He is a Star! ~N. Noone
  • Manuel Maldonado! (5th grade) Manuel has consistently been working hard, excelling in Math and Science and displaying exemplary behavior! I am so happy to have Manuel in my class! ~N. Noone  



  • Willow Colquitt! (Kinder) Willow has such a positive attitude! She is eager to learn and is always asking questions to further her learning. She helps her peers out and is always following directions. Willow is a great role model! ~A. Armstrong
  • Ja’Nyiah Sykes! (Kinder) Ja’Nyiah is shy but is really coming out of her shell. She even asked if she could read in front of the class. She is determined and a great leader. ~B. Rodriguez.
  • Paula Landaverde! (Kinder) Paula is such a delight to have in class. She brings so much joy to others. She is always laughing and encouraging others. ~B. Rodriguez
  • Alexander Torres! (1st grade) Alexander has grown so much this year. He is a great student and has grown into a leader in the class. He is kind and thoughtful! Alexander is a Star Student every day! ~D. Burkett
  • Aaliah Del Toro! (2nd grade) Aaliah is a wonderful model student! I can always count on Aaliah to be doing the right thing. Thank you Aaliah! ~T. Blackburn & A. Love
  • Ethan Imhoff! (2nd grade) Ethan has been trying his hardest in writing and it is very much appreciated! Thank you Ethan! ~T. Blackburn & A. Love
  • Alex Salinas! (3rd grade) Alex is a Star Student because he is very kind and caring. He is a good friend to others and is always on task in class. Way to go, Alex! ~K. Jozwick
  • Emy Castillo!  (3rd grade) Emy is a great student! She always tries her hardest in class and is a friend to others. Great job, Emy! ~K. Jozwick



  • Joana Coss! (Kinder) Joana has grown so much academically and she is always happy and smiling. I am so proud of her hard work and achievements!! ~A. Schotborgh
  • Josue Chacon! (Kinder) Josue is a wonderful student and helper in our class. He works hard every day. I am so happy to have him in my class. ~A. Schotborgh 
  • Kingston Edwards! (Kinder) Kingston is a wonderful student, he is a hard worker, kind friend, and a super helper. I am so proud of you Kingston! ~K. McBride
  • Emily Davis! (1st grade) Emily has worked hard this week and has shown tremendous amounts of kindness and team work. ~R. Botbyl
  • Jose Machuca! (1st grade) Jose has been doing excellent in his school work and trying to be a better citizen in class. Good job Jose! ~R. Botbyl
  • Adrianna Mattis! (1st grade) Adrianna does an amazing job paying attention in class and following the routines and procedures. ~L. Houston
  • Santiago Chavez! (1st grade) Santiago did a great job yesterday working in a small group and focusing on his assignments! ~L. Houston
  • Adelso Ramos! (1st grade) Adelso has had many “lightbulb” moments and has greatly increased his reading skills. He works hard and does not give up! ~S. Sherrod
  • Russell Swetnam! (1st grade) Russell is always helpful and kind. He works hard on all assignments and gives his best effort. ~S. Sherrod
  • Alex Kimery! (1st grade) Alex is a great student!! He loves reading (especially about dinosaurs) and is always ready to lend a helping hand. I love having Alex in my classroom. ~D. Ballard
  • Jayden Sigaran! (1st grade) Jayden is a fun loving student who has been working hard this year. I look forward to seeing him grow for the remainder of the year. ~T. Hayden
  • Juan Oviedo! (1st grade) Juan is very diligent and stays focused on his work. He is eager to learn and listens well. ~C. Collins
  • Sarai Rodriguez! (2nd grade) Sarai is growing as a reader and writer. She is a great helper to her peers and her teachers. ~L. Gothard
  • Alvin Punch, Jr.! (2nd grade) Alvin continues to improve in his reading skills. ~L. Gothard
  • Zaida Simpson! (2nd grade) Zaida completed the Teach Your Monster to Read Program and is a CHAMPION READER! Way to go Zaida! ~J. Brown
  • Karter Willett! (2nd grade) Karter completed the Teach Your Monster to Read program and is a CHAMPION READER! Way to go Karter! ~J. Brown
  • Jay Zamora! (2nd grade) Jay is always being helpful and kind to his friends. He has really been working hard this week. ~M. Albritton       
  • Victoria Gonzales! (3rd grade) As a fairly new student, Victoria has adapted quickly. She is kind, considerate, and a good student. ~R. Thompson
  • Isabella Benson! (3rd grade) Isabella has worked hard to raise her reading level. She has 3 older brothers and shows the boys in the class how tough girls can play. I am so lucky to have her in my class this school year. ~S. Goodman
  • Javier Garcia! (3rd grade) Javier is a super kid. He works hard and plays hard, he has been working on raising his reading goal and has been achieving success. ~S. Goodman
  • Tatiana Hernandez! (3rd grade) Tatiana is very helpful in the classroom and always gives 100%!! She is a pleasure to have in class. ~S. Telly
  • Romeo Rodriguez! (3rd grade) Romeo has improved in reading and is making great strides in his school work! I am very proud of his accomplishments! ~S. Telly
  • Kilee Fussell! (3rd grade) Kilee is an excellent student and is always willing to help others. A true pleasure to have in class. ~S. Telly
  • Catherine Green! (3rd grade) Catherine is a joy to have in class. She is always willing to help and works diligently on her school work! ~S. Telly
  • Dwayne Perry! (3rd grade) Dwayne is an awesome student, he is always willing to learn and on task. He is a leader in the classroom all the time. You rock Dwayne! ~L. Johnson
  • Samuel Marek! (4th grade) Sam is an enthusiastic reader and loves to share what he discovers in his books with everyone near him. Classmates and teachers all enjoy listening to Sam! ~M. Ellington



  • Perla Ramos! (Kinder) Perla is a sweet, creative, and respectful student not only in the classroom but throughout the campus! She has learned so much this year and is on her way to being ready for 1st grade! ~C. Foster
  • Giovanni Perez! (Kinder) Giovanni comes in every day with a smile on his face and greets everyone. He makes me a proud teacher! ~A. Cates
  • Daelias Lanza! (Kinder) Daelias has worked so hard in class. He is always ready to help others when they need it, and he comes to school every day ready to learn. ~K. Bishop
  • Raquel Medina! (1st grade) Raquel is progressing and studying hard every day! Way to be, Raquel! ~M. Eunson
  • Angel Oropeza! (1st grade) Angel always comes to school ready to learn. He collaborates in whole and small groups, and he participates in our academic activities! ~P. Lopez-Velarde
  • Brandon Hernandez! (1st grade) Brandon comes to school ready to learn every day! ~M. Torres-Carrero
  • Alias Salas! (2nd grade) Alias is always ready to work and always tries to put forth his best effort. ~E. Jones
  • Deisy Gorostieta! (2nd grade) Deisy always helps her peers in class and is always doing what she is asked to do! We love having Deisy in our classroom! ~E. Jones
  • Diego Martinez! (2nd grade) This week we got a new student in our class, and Diego did a great job letting her know the class rules and expectations. He also made sure that she had all of her materials in the correct group number bin. I was so proud of him! ~N. Arauza
  • Julian Orona! (2nd grade) Julian is always on task and ready to learn. He is helpful to other classmates and loves to challenge himself in math! ~N. Arauza
  • Lucas Reyes! (2nd grade) Lucas is a hard worker, with a great personality. He strives to do his best with a sense of humor. He is an absolute pleasure to have in our classes and we are proud of the work he is accomplishing. ~J. Newcomb
  • Angelly Perdomo! (2nd grade) Angelly is a hard worker and strives to continuously do her best every day. She is amazing with helping her fellow classmates, when they need it. It is an absolute pleasure to have her in our classroom! ~L. Roura   
  • Ashly Lerma! (3rd grade) Ashly was this week’s Math Queen! She worked extremely hard and outperformed on First in Math! Way to go Ashly! ~T. Spears
  • Johanna Porcayo! (3rd grade) Johanna goes above and beyond with her work and continuously tries! She always comes and asks for help when she needs it! ~C. Seim
  • Jayden Castillo! (3rd grade) Jayden is a role model to his classmates! He always strives to do the right thing and keeps a smile on his face! ~C. Seim
  • Kevin Velasquez! (3rd grade) Kevin is always reaching for the stars! There is not a day that he does not work hard, and tries his very best, he has the most stars in First in Math! One day he wants to be a Scientist! Way to go Kevin! ~M. Guise  
  • Alexandra Contreras! (3rd grade) Alexandra is a wonderful helper, and always ready to help her classmates when in need and let us not forget she works hard so that she can be the next Cleveland ISD teacher. ~M. Guise
  • Irving Lucio! (3rd grade) Irving continues to show growth on his practice exams as well as his daily assignments! He works so hard every day and continues to push himself in all that he does. I am so proud that he takes on the challenge and overcomes any obstacle that is in his way! ~B. Wolf
  • Yatziri Romero! (3rd grade) Yatziri always shows kindness every day she is here at school. She always volunteers to help anybody who needs it, even if they are not in our classroom. She also has been working so hard in class and shows growth in all of her work. She is gaining so much confidence in herself as a mathematician and she continues to never give up! ~B. Wolf
  • Emmanuel Rosales! (3rd grade) Emmanuel works with due diligence on his assignments. He is always asking questions and asking for feedback! ~L. Mooser
  • Martin Espinosa Silva! (4th grade) Martin is such a hard worker and very respectful. ~J. Narvaez
  • Leonardo Salgado! (4th grade) I can always count upon Leonardo to volunteer to help younger students whenever he is needed. A credit to Cottonwood Elementary, Leonardo is a terrific young man. ~D. Chapman
  • Valentin Arriaga! (5th grade) Valentin is always looking to go more in depth into his writing and reading. Which makes sense why his scores are out of this world! ~B. Quintanar



  • Mary Espitia! (6th grade) Mary is a natural leader and a great peer mentor. She is always willing to help others. ~D. Guebara
  • Guadalupe Espiritu! (6th grade) Guadalupe is an English language learner, but that doesn’t stop her from writing all her assignments in cursive with perfect formation. She seeks for excellence in all her academic endeavors. ~D. Guebara  
  • Edgar Lopez! (6th grade) Edgar is such a sweet boy and he is so kind to all of his classmates. Edgar volunteers to help out in class every day. He is such a pleasure to have in class. ~K. Riddle
  • Edgar Lopez! (6th grade) Edgar is such a bright light in his class! He is always leading and first to help. Great job, Edgar! ~K. Spoonemore
  • Jennifer Valdez! (6th grade) Jennifer is a Star Student because she exceeds all expectations, phenomenal work ethic, and a brilliant student! ~J. Thompson  
  • Wendy Atilano! (7th grade) Wendy is a hard working student, always doing the right thing and goes out of her way to be helpful and kind. S. Curie
  • Anthony Valdez! (7th grade) Anthony is a quiet force in my class. Anyone that he sits near is inspired to do great work in class, like he does. Anthony consistently succeeds in school work and has excellent social skills. ~D. O’Farrell
  • Amy Carmona! (7th grade) Amy is a kind, fun and hardworking student. She is on our class staff as timekeeper and she does an excellent job of providing regular updates to keep us on track. Amy is a good friend to everyone. ~D. O’Farrell
  • Soledad Torres! (7th grade) Soledad is always kind and works very hard. She is a model for her classmates! ~J. Stephenson
  • Jackeline Medina! (7th grade) Jackeline is a stellar student who has shown tremendous growth throughout the year. ~R. McNair
  • Kathy Ibarra! (7th grade) Kathy is a kindhearted student who works very hard. She is always willing to help her teachers and her classmates. ~J. Stephenson
  • Angel Almanza! (7th grade) Angel is very kind and works hard every day. He is always paying attention and completes his work. ~J. Stephenson
  • Alonzo Gonzalez! (7th grade) Alonso is a hardworking student. I am thankful to have him in my class this year. ~R. McNair
  • Brittany Davis! (7th grade) Brittany is a wonderful student who is always kind to her classmates. She is helpful and caring and works very hard. ~J. Stephenson  
  • Lizbeth Flores! (7th grade) Lizbeth is a hard working student and is always very helpful. ~J. Stephenson
  • Italo Chavarria! (7th grade) Italo is a student who first told me he did not like or understand science. However, since being in my class he is definitely understanding it and doing very well. He has one of the top grades! Italo is respectful and helpful, he also works well with his classmates and is always willing to help. ~J. Stephenson
  • Johnathan Solorio Zavala! (7th grade) Jonathan continues to blow me away with both his work ethic and the quality of his work. Not only does he have incredible penmanship, but earlier in the year he created an amazing drawing of a robot for a career research project. In every way, Jonathan is a phenomenal student! It has been a pleasure getting to see his talents through this work in class. ~P. Tuck
  • Fabiola Valadez! (7th grade) Fabiola is always sweet to those around her in my class. She is always willing to help around the classroom with a smile. Thank you Fabiola! ~P. Opp
  • Aaron Lopez! (7th grade) Aaron is almost always the first student in class and always helps get the classroom ready for the day. Thank you for being helpful. ~P. Opp
  • Simone Gonzalez! (8th grade) Simone took the initiative to help our class sub-teacher know the classroom procedures and expectations for students in my class. She was helpful and went above and beyond to exceed expectations when I was out. I truly value her setting the tone for other students! Simone is an exceptional young lady and a joy to have in class! ~P. Tuck
  • Alan Velasquez! (8th grade) Alan is consistently well-mannered, and is one of my top students! ~L. Lee  
  • Kevin Villegas! (8th grade) Kevin impressed me with his kindness towards another student who needed help. Without even being asked, Kevin helped and made sure the student was able to get his work done. Kevin is a fantastic example of compassion and kindness towards others – a true Teen Leader! I hope he always uses his influence over others for the best possible outcome! ~P. Tuck



  • Alejandra Serrato! (9th grade) Alejandra is a great student, she concentrates on doing her work, learning English and helping her community. She is a member of the AFROTC, and she takes pride in her uniform and the core principles of discipline. She never needs reminders to get her work completed, and she takes initiative to find out what she needs to do. Alejandra is a pleasure to have in the classroom. ~Dr. C. Gardner
  • Susana Gonzalez! (11th grade) Susana has been incredibly productive with the book discussions we’ve had in class! ~M. Norman
  • Angel Perez! (11th grade) Angel is very positive, always a pleasure to see him walk in and bring positivity to all of the people he comes in contact with! ~K. Jones
  • Hazael Flores! (11th grade) I have appreciated Hazael’s presence in the classroom all year. He works hard, maintains a positive attitude, and has great taste in music. His future is bright! ~A. Seiler
  • Liset Albarran! (11th grade) Liset is a positively awesome student who goes above and beyond for her teachers and classmates. She inspires happiness in those around her! ~J. Wallace
  • Dawn Nunn! (11th grade) Dawn is a RockStar at Phlebotomy! She helped with instruction for her classmates and did a fantastic job! ~J. Wallace
  • Maria Cruz! (11th grade) Maria is a student that every single day arrives to class with a beautiful smile and says Good Morning!! She cares about her teacher, she works hard to achieve all her goals, and she is always on time with her assignments and activities. She asks for help when she needs it and helps others when they need it. I have to say that she is an exemplary student and I am proud that she is in my Algebra II PAP class. She has a brilliant future. ~R. Storm
  • Josabet Lujan! (12th grade) Josabet is always willing to work in the counseling office. She is kind, caring and sweet. She has great grades and is an overachiever! Josabet is a pleasure to be around! ~J. Youngblood  
  • Evan Leyva! (12th grade) Evan is a hard worker with a great personality. He had a goal and he achieved it quickly. He does well in the counseling office and I am happy to be his counselor. ~J. Youngblood
  • Dominic Venegas! (12th grade) Dominic continues to be a leading example in the band room. He is quick to ask questions and shares knowledge with younger students in the band. ~D. Diosdado
  •  Richard Villegas Rojas! (12th grade) Richard worked hard to complete his application and all required documents for Sam Houston State University where he was accepted and awarded a scholarship! He is goal oriented and focused on his future. Richard exemplifies all characteristics of a Star Student!! ~S. Hamilton
  • John Pillow! (12th grade) John is a Star Student because he knows the value in self-advocacy. Through his determination and hard work he has been accepted to Arclabs Welding School, and awarded a scholarship! Congratulations John! ~G. Barreiro
  • Nandini Solanki! (12th grade) Nan saw a student that was struggling and jumped into action to get them to the right person for help! ~V. Nall
  • Aviana Sanchez! (12th grade) Aviana is working hard toward graduation and she conquered a big hurdle this week, she is on track to graduate! ~V. Nall
  • Jennifer Elizade! (12th grade) Jen has made some amazing leadership strides this year and is going to be an awesome nurse once she graduates from A&M! She makes me so proud to have the opportunity to teach. ~J. Wallace
  • Nancy Lopez Lopez! (12th grade) Nancy has shown so much improvement this year and is doing great things. Nancy is super positive and friendly! She makes everyone around her become a better person! ~J. Wallace
  • Noemi Romero! (12th grade) Noemi helped with Phlebotomy technique for her clinical group. She is doing amazing things and will be a fantastic phlebotomist that everyone will want to hire her! ~J. Wallace



  • Evelyn Garcia! (10th grade) Evelyn is a wonderful young lady. She’s been working extremely hard on, not only her classwork but doing everything she can to get ready for her STAAR test. ~A. Deshotels
  • Abigail Segovia! (11th grade) Abi has recently started working here on campus, and it is great to have her here! She is getting a lot of work completed and she is a pleasure to have in class. Abi always smiles at my dumb jokes, which is nice. Thank you Abi! ~G. Rappe
  • Jose Sanchez! (11th grade) Jose is a student in my welding class at DLA. He has been in my class only a few weeks, but has made great progress in capturing the skill of welding. Jose learns quickly and is a very good student. ~T. Jones
  • Williams Amaya! (12th grade) Williams is a good role model for students here at DLA! ~B. Simpson
  • Antonio Garcia! (12th grade) Antonio is another student that has been at DLA for a month or more and is about to complete his last course. He has also earned a certification in the OSHA course. Great Job!! You are about to be another DLA graduate!! ~C. Millard