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CISD Star Students

Posted Date: 10/15/2020

CISD Star Students


Week ending 1/15/2021



·         Elias Ramirez! (Pre-K PM) Elias is a very intelligent student, he has been working very hard and it shows. I love having Elias in my class. ~J. McArthur

·         Alison Amaya! (Pre-K AM) Alison comes to school happy and ready to learn! She is a great friend and a hard worker! ~J. McArthur

·         Levi Snyder! (Kinder) I am so proud of Levi for making good choices. He is also doing a great job reading. ~C. Bruno

·         Violette Gunnell! (Kinder) Violette is always ready to learn. She is great at helping others as well. ~C. Bruno

·         Dylan Imel! (1st grade) Dylan is a STAR! He has made great progress in reading and writing. He shows kindness to all of his peers and is the best helper to Ms. Provezis! We are so happy to have Dylan in our class. We can always count on him for a smile and a good laugh! Way to go, Dylan! Keep up the great work! ~J. Provezis

·         Isaac Sanchez! (1st grade) Isaac is one of the first students in class every morning. He always puts out the chairs, at every desk, and makes sure everyone’s desk has a morning warm up on it. He is full of energy and a kind peer. ~A. Call

·         April Hernandez! (1st grade) April is new to our classroom and we are so excited to have her. She is such a hard worker and loves to participate in class. She was quick to demonstrate that she will be a great example to others with her use of manners and willingness to learn. Welcome April! ~D. Hubbard

·         Carolina Sotelo! (1st grade) Carolina always wants to do more, she is a very hardworking student and loves to learn new words! She loves to write and learns math concepts quickly. Carolina, I am so glad you are in my class! ~DG Armitage

·         Camilo Macias! (1st grade) Camilo has made great progress in Math! His attitude has been wonderful, and he is a leader in the classroom. Way to be Camilo! ~D. Slocumb

·         Angela Ambrose!  (1st grade) Angela has shown great improvement in Math and is a role model for her behavior! ~D. Slocumb

·         Aylinn Gomez! (2nd grade) Aylinn is very dedicated, she loves reading and writing! Way to be Aylinn! ~J. Martinez

·         Dorian Randle! (3rd grade) Dorian does a wonderful job keeping his table group on task and brainstorming ideas. He is very encouraging and always makes sure everyone understands what to do. ~L. Penry

·         Matthew Tovar! (3rd grade) Matthew is a great student who works hard and is always willing to help others! ~C. Murphy

·         Amy Morales! (3rd grade) Amy is a hard worker with a great personality! ~C. Murphy   

·         Maria Garcia Sanchez! (4th grade) Maria has shown a helping hand all week. She helped her teacher with whatever was needed as well as went above and beyond to help the student’s feel welcome, and at home in her table team! ~H. Irvin

·         Jacqueline Yanes! (4th grade) Jacqueline has shown and she has been working hard to show that she is eager to learn. She is always volunteering for anything the teacher needs as well as giving the lessons and her activities her all! Jacqueline is reaching for the stars! ~H. Irvin

·         Francisco Gallardo! (4th grade) Francisco is an amazing student! He loves to share what he has learned to help his teammates. ~K. Eakin

·         Jared Mayo! (4th grade) Jared is very patient with his classmates. He loves to help his team understand how to solve problems. ~K. Eakin

·         Axel Tejada! (4th grade) Axel works very hard in my classroom, and he is trying to reach his goals every day. I am very proud of his hard work. ~N. Caraballo

·         Marvin Palma! (5th grade) Marvin has worked very hard in Math, he has improved his ability by almost a grade level!! Keep up the good work Marvin!! ~D. Jenkins-Baker

·         Hunter Brawn! (5th grade) Hunter works very hard and is always respectful. He puts forth the extra effort and I enjoy having him in my class! ~J. Rowell

·         Raul Ramirez! (5th grade) Raul works very hard, follows all of the rules, and is very respectful. I enjoy his in depth analogy of our stories. He is a joy to teach! ~J. Rowell



·         Rebecca Sauceda! (Kinder) Rebecca is working hard and making great progress. Way to go Rebecca! ~B. Rodriguez

·         Kobe Jordan! (1st grade) Kobe loves to help his classmates and his teacher in class. He is quick to lend a helping hand when he sees anyone struggle. He works hard on all his lessons, as well as following the rules. ~D. Burkett

·         Mekhi Venegas! (1st grade) Mekhi has shown so much growth and willingness to work over the past few weeks. I am so proud of his progress! ~A. Gorman

·         Michael Huff! (1st grade) Michael is a joy to have in class. He is kind and sweet to all his classmates. He works hard every day and tries his best. ~D. Burkett

·         Esbeidy Pacheco! (2nd grade) Esbeidy works hard every day to improve her knowledge. She is very kind and polite. We love to have her in our classroom. ~B. LaRotta/K. Kappelman

·         Jesse Sumrall! (3rd grade) Jesse is a Star Student because he is always doing his very best. He loves to participate in class and is always kind to others! ~K. Jozwick

·         Hunter Roddey! (3rd grade) Hunter is a great student! He is always very respectful and has such a gentle spirit. I am so glad he is in my class this year! ~K. Jozwick

·         Fabian Cuculista! (3rd grade) I enjoy having Fabian in my class because he is such a hard worker and is always polite to his peers and teachers. ~J. Diaz

·         Benjamin Pecina! (3rd grade) I enjoy having Benjamin in my class because he is self-motivated and always completes classwork. ~D. Bashor

·         Jayleigh Ozan! (4th grade) Jayleigh has made tremendous strides this year. She comes to music class ready to pay attention, work hard, and help her peers. She makes the best of every assignment and activity.  I am so proud of Jayleigh’s success, and I cannot wait to see her go even further! Awesome work, Jayleigh! ~E. Antenangeli

·         Taven Fitz! (4th grade) Taven has been doing a phenomenal job in my class. He shows up ready to try his best on all the work given to him. Taven has been working really well with his tablemates, and has respect for others. He shows legitimate interest in our music topics, and has a positive attitude! I am so excited to see this side of him in 4th grade. Way to go, Taven! ~E. Antenangeli

·         Isaac Hernandez! (5th grade) Isaac has been working very hard and has a terrific attitude! He is kind and respectful to everyone. He is an example to his peers. ~A. Boylan

·         Journey Tyler! (5th grade) Journey is hard working and a friend to everyone. She is an excellent student and always eager to learn new things. ~A. Boylan

·         Alexus Cross! (5th grade) Alexus works very hard in class, and always has a positive attitude! Mrs. Boylan and I absolutely love having her in our classes! ~S. Kane

·         Dylan Burns! (5th grade) Dylan has shown a lot of improvement this school year! He works hard, and has been on his best behavior. He is a Star Student! ~S. Kane


·         Scarlett Martinez! (Pre-K) Scarlett is always engaged during our learning. She always follows instructions and is a great role model for the rest of the students. She has won our classroom sign word game 2 days in a row. I am glad to have her in my class. ~L. Sanchez

·         David Jaimes! (Kinder) David has been working so diligently on mastering each of the letter sounds. His hard work shines through daily in his reading and writing. You are amazing David! ~R. Smith

·         Adelso Ramos! (1st grade) Adelso has been putting forth a huge effort in reading and he is doing a great job in Math!! Adelso is always helpful and pleasant. ~S. Sherrod

·         Omari Williams! (1st grade) Omari has been working really hard in reading and in math! He shows good citizenship by holding doors, being courteous, and Omari always has a positive attitude! ~S. Sherrod

·         Amadel Aleman! (1st grade) Amadel is a hard working, thoughtful student who is eager to learn. I enjoy having him in my class. ~T. Hayden

·         Ariana Joseph! (1st grade) Ariana is always on task, follows directions, and is kind to all her fellow students. ~R. Botbyl

·         Dariahna Maldonado, Jr.! (2nd grade) Dariahna is a very respectful student who always listens and follows directions. Every day she comes to school she shows her enthusiasm for learning and helping others. Dariahna is a joy to have in my class! ~C. Fisk

·         Alexcia Medina! (2nd grade) Alexcia is a great student who is always respectful, listens, and does the right thing. She always has a positive attitude and I enjoy having her in my class! ~C. Fisk

·         Jacob Aguirre! (2nd grade) Jacob is always following directions. He is so kind to all of his friends! ~ MA. Albritton

·         Aubrie Sherrouse! (2nd grade) Aubrie is always being kind to her friends! She works very hard in all that she does, and she is a joy to have in class! ~MA. Albritton

·         Trayden Hawkins! (2nd grade) Trayden is an outstanding student. He is very bright and completes his work quickly. Trayden is also an excellent leader in the classroom, he helps his teacher and classmates in many ways. Way to go Trayden! ~P. Dean

·         Zoie Buentello! (2nd grade) Zoie is a joy to have in the classroom. She is very intelligent and has wonderful manners and poise. Zoie completes all her work and she is very patient when raising her hand to ask a question or share a comment. Zoie, you ROCK! ~P. Dean   

·         Jose Aguirre! (3rd grade) Jose is a great student who is eager to learn. ~K. Stewart  

·         Alianet Garcia! (4th grade) Alianet is a natural born leader! Way to be Alianet! ~V. Svoboda

·         Emily Torres! (4th grade) Emily is always participating and engaged in the learning process. She can always be counted on for an answer with a positive attitude! ~J. Jackson



·         Isabella Castilleja! (Kinder) Isabella is a value anywhere she goes. She is always ready and eager to help, learn, and accomplish whatever the day throws her way. She is proactive in everything she does and her growth in Kindergarten alone is something to celebrate! Way to go Isabella! ~C. Foster

·         Jenavieve Rivas! (Kinder) Jenavieve always comes to school ready to learn with a positive attitude! She tries hard in everything she does and she is kind to all students. I love that she is in my class! ~K. Bishop

·         Jayla Rodriguez! (2nd grade) Jayla listens and participates in class! ~E. Jones

·         Beatriz Velez! (2nd grade) Beatriz always participates and is a wonderful student! ~N. Arauza

·         Jayden Leal! (2nd grade) Jayden is always on task in class! ~N. Arauza  

·         Amy Rosas! (3rd grade) Amy has been outstanding during the transition with having a new teacher, as well as being on top of her game with what we are learning. ~C. Seim

·         Layla Mendoza! (3rd grade) Layla comes to school every day at 7:00 to work on math. She is an amazing student with an awesome attitude and desire to learn. ~T. Spears

·         Angelyque Mendoza! (3rd grade) Angelyque comes to school at 7:00 every morning to work on a math enrichment program. She also helps her brother and cousin, she is a sweet girl and a Star Student. ~T. Spears

·         Juan Mejia! (3rd grade) Juan comes to school every morning at 6:45. He helps me put out all the computers for our morning math program. Juan always has a smile on his face and works hard! ~T. Spears

·         Angel Rodriguez! (4th grade) Angel loves to learn and it shows every day in the classroom. He is always willing to help students in our classroom. He is the example of a true leader and always tries to do the right thing. ~T. Castillo

·         Ashlyn Guzman! (4th grade) Ashlyn is an amazing student, she always strives to be the best. On her last CBA, she obtained a high score. She worked hard for that and I am very proud of her. Nothing stands in her way of learning, you ROCK Ashlyn! ~M. Berrios

·         Diego Lopez! (4th grade) I am so proud of Diego! He is always the first student to arrive in class. He helps me organize the classroom and helps putting up the flag. He was first place on the MyOn Challenge. Keep up the good work! ~M. Berrios

·         Karla Mejia! (4th grade) Karla gets to Cottonwood at 6:45 and helps me put out the computers for our morning math program. She works hard every morning mastering her math facts and she is always happy. ~T. Spears

·         Edwin Hernandez! (4th grade) Edwin is always willing to help others at any given time. He is also quick to volunteer or assist at any given task to ensure the neatness and cleanliness of our classroom. I truly enjoy having him in my classroom. ~A. Tovar

·         Valarie Hernandez! (4th grade) Valarie is always looking for a way to help out around the classroom. She comes to school every day with a strong work ethic. ~R. Reichert

·         Edward Puac! (5th grade) Edward is always on task, helping others, and motivated to work constantly! Way to be Edward! ~I. Guerra



·         Riley Bartley! (7th grade) Riley surprised me today by offering to help sanitize and put away our classroom chromebooks. She was very kind to offer and extremely thorough. Her sweet gesture was much appreciated! ~P. Tuck

·         Grecia Ortiz! (7th grade) Grecia is always a helpful friend in our classroom. She has a kind and compassionate nature that students are drawn to. I have seen her comfort students that are going through a bad time, and help them develop good solutions. We all love having Grecia in class. ~D. O’Farrell

·         Bryan Iraheta Martin! (7th grade) Bryan is a leader in our classroom. His work is completed with excellence, not to mention the artistic talent he has. He has a great sense of humor and shows maturity and good character every single day in class! It is a blessing to have Bryan in class! ~D. O’Farrell

·         Jesus Olvera, Jr.! (8th grade) I have taught Jesus in 6th, 7th and now 8th grade, and I must say this student has developed into an amazing top student! He is on time to class every day, completes his work, and is never disrespectful. He always remains on task. I am super impressed with the young scholar this student has become. ~A. McLemore

·         Pierre Williams! (8th grade) Pierre was an awesome student during COVID. When school first closed down he still wanted to learn! He is a very respectful young student in school and away from school. Thank you Pierre! ~R. King

·         Nathan Ponce! (8th grade) Nathan is new to my class and has already demonstrated responsibility and eagerness to participate. He is a fantastic addition to our class! I appreciate his good nature. ~P. Tuck



·         Roberto Carrizales Gaytan! (10th grade) Roberto is so well mannered, always kind and respectful, and ready to learn. He is a leader in the class. ~L. Guiwa

·         Dylan Cervantes! (10th grade) Dylan exhibits enthusiasm in solving word problems, and he is very respectful to the teacher. ~L. Guiwa

·         Adamaris Mota! (10th grade) Adamaris is a wonderful student. Her work is always with high quality, and always on top of everything. Her attitude is always positive and she never says no when she has to participate in class. I am so proud of having Adamaris in my algebra II PAP class. ~R. Storm

·         Gabriela Giron! (11th grade) Gabriela is always so attentive in my class, and her work is superb. She never refuses to participate in class and I have to say that she is a student with a brilliant future. ~R. Storm

·         Emily Martinez! (11th grade) Emily works hard each day, asks important questions about the day’s lesson and always has a positive attitude. ~A Seiler

·         Jazmin Valadez! (12th grade) Jaz is an awesome leader as HOSA President, and as a SkillsUSA Officer! She continues to thrive and sets the bar very high for whomever fills her place next! ~J. Wallace

·         Rosa Martinez-Hernandez! (12th grade) Rosa is a model student for underclassmen to follow, she works well with everyone on her team, and is nice and kind to everyone she meets. Rosa is a true joy to have in class and I love the privilege of teaching her. ~J. Wallace

·         Zitlali Pizarro! (12th grade) Zitlali “The Mighty Z”, is the Commander of the AFJROTC Rocketry Team. She and her team set up an excellent demonstration of rocket launching for the CTE Fair this week, impressing all the Middle Schoolers who attended. Great job Z!!! ~Lt. Col. Hunt

·         Jonathan Reino! (11th grade) Jonathan gets along with everyone, he is a great role model for new students! He is always on time and prepared to learn, Jonathan is self-motivated and determined to meet his personal and educational goals. He is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom! ~Dr. C. Gardner  


·         Frank Lagunas! (12th grade) Frank has been working very steadily since returning from the holidays. He will complete his final coursework this week to become another DLA graduate. CONGRATULATIONS! Good luck with your future. ~C. Millard