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CISD Star Students

Posted Date: 10/25/2019

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Southside Elementary

  • Alice Gaspard! (Pre-K) Alice is a great student, with such a kind spirit. She always tries her best, and helps others. ~B. Capo
  • Victorya Banoungouzouna! (Pre-K) Victorya always tries her hardest every day! She has a big heart and is kind to everyone she sees. ~B. Capo
  • Raymundo Cabrera! (Pre-k) Raymundo is a very dedicated student. ~J. McArthur
  • Jacob Benitez! (Pre-k) Jacob always work hard and helps others. ~J. McArthur
  • Sophia Murillo! (Kinder) Sophia is such a hard worker and always sets a great example for others to follow. ~R. Tavera
  • Francisco Vela! (Kinder) Thank you for Francisco for stepping up and being the leader I know you can be! ~S. Charlot
  • Allison Martinez! (1st grade) Allison is always smiling and helping other students and teachers. She is an excellent mini-teacher in my class. ~P. Lopez-Velarde
  • Jacob Castro! (1st grade) Jacob is an excellent student. He is always respectful and works hard to complete all of his assignments. I am so happy he is in my class! ~K. Gunnell
  • Dana Torres! (2nd grade) Great student and very dedicated in all subjects. ~J. Martinez
  • Melina Calvillo! (2nd grade) She is hard worker, helpful, best behavior and willing to do everything better. ~N. Petersen
  • Jordi Tay! (3rd grade) Jordi is a ball of learning energy! He never settles for anything but his best! ~D. Odell
  • Andrew Alvarado! (3rd grade) He is always helping others and he is always looking for ideas to help others. ~D. Rivera
  • Nathan Hernandez! (3rd grade) He is the sweetest boy not only to me but also to all of his classmates. He helps peer tutor other students. He helps to keep our room clean. Nathan is a hardworking student who follows the school rules and classroom procedures. It is a blessing to have him in my class. ~K. Dalton
  • Angel Hernandez! (3rd grade) Angel has been working very hard in class. He is an amazing helper and a good role model for his peers. Good job Angel! ~H. Murray
  • Yadriel Cruz! (3rd grade) His behavior is outstanding! He works hard to complete his work each day. He is a good friend to all of his classmates. ~DG Armitage
  • Kevin Santillan! (4th grade) Kevin is such a good friend to his classmates. He is kind and polite. We appreciate how he sets a good example of using his manners. ~C. Denby
  • Evelyn Arevalo! (4th grade) Evelyn is a hard worker. She strives at doing her best and always following our school expectations. ~K. Eakin
  • Cesar Hernandez! (4th grade) Cesar is an excellent student. He is always ready to learn and show his learning. Cesar, you are great! ~N. Caraballo
  • Evelyn Sosa! (5th grade) Evelyn is a joy to have in my class. She has excellent attendance and demonstrates leadership in her classes and with her peers. ~K. Brown




Northside Elementary

  • Andre Jones Jr! (Kinder) Andre is a consistent student in my music class. He comes each time ready to give 100% in any task given to him! Andre takes time to think through his answers to my questions, and is a strong participant in our activities. I am so proud of him, and I know he will grow into a great leader! ~E. Antenangeli
  • Kassandra Armas! (Kinder) Kassandra always does a great job in music. She is attentive, hardworking, and stays positive! Kassandra is always willing to answer questions and problem solve in my class, and she does it with a smile on her face. I am so proud of her! ~E. Antenangeli
  • Freddy Gomez! (2nd grade) Freddy is a pleasure to have at Northside. He is courteous, helpful, friendly, and always smiling. He genuinely brightens up my day when I see him. ~M. Streitman
  • Hunter Green! (2nd grade) Hunter is a wonderful student. He is a great artist in art class and I love the fact that he puts hidden mickeys in some of his artwork because he knows my love for Disney! ~K. Manzella
  • Nevaeh Cangemi! (4th grade) Nevaeh is always lending a helping hand with a smile! She always works well with others. ~T. Blackburn & F. Groen
  • Hunter Boyer! (4th grade) Hunter has been trying very hard during centers, and it is very much appreciated. Thank you Hunter! ~T. Blackburn & F. Groen
  • Eli Trevino Arguello! (4th grade) Eli has been such a sweet student last year and this year. He works very well with his group in music, and always does exactly what is asked. Eli knows how to follow directions and still have a fun time. He is a student I can depend on when I need help, and he is positive and friendly! Awesome job, Eli! ~E. Antenangeli
  • Armando Garcia! (4th grade) Always works really hard to follow directions and never gives up when trying new skills! ~L. Penry
  • Jahilynn Rocha! (5th grade) Jahilynn has amazing manners, and is always on task. Her behavior never has to be corrected. She is such a joy to have in the classroom! ~S. Snyder
  • Kiara Ryan! (5th grade) Kiara helped a new student in her class learn cafeteria procedures and helped them get settled in. ~L. Duke
  • Melenie Gonzalez! (5th grade) Melenie is a well behave students who always tries her best. ~M. Delgado
  • Jasmine Rus! (5th grade) Jasmine is a pleasure to have in class. She always has a pleasant smile and a positive attitude. ~D. Snyder
  • Alizaih Rus! (5th grade) Alizaih always comes to class with a positive attitude. She is always willing to work with her group. She is a pleasure to have in class. ~D. Snyder
  • Jasmin Castro! (5th grade) Jasmin is a wonderful young lady. She is working very hard with her UIL poem and I cannot wait to see all her success in the future. ~K. Manzella
  • Kaylee Pulley-Alfaro! (5th grade) Kaylee is a RockStar! She has been working so hard in oral reading UIL and it is a pleasure to be her teacher and coach. ~K. Manzella



Eastside Elementary

  • Da'Quan Shedd! Making good choices, and participating in class. ~L. Houston
  • Eliza Rodriguez! (Kinder) Eliza always has a smile on her face and she works so hard in her station. I am so proud of Eliza! ~S. Leonard
  • Kristel Gonzalez! (Kinder) Kristel is a dedicated student and loves math! ~B. Evans
  • Yorley Lopez! (Kinder) Yorley is always eager to get to work, and is a wonderful student! ~B. Evans
  • Sebastian Herrera! (Kinder) Sebastian works hard in our class and he is a great friend to others. He is always helpful in our classroom. ~S. Leonard
  • Angel Vazquez! (Kinder) Angel is kind and generous with his classmates. He makes friends with everyone and enjoys coming to school. Thank you for being a good friend Angel. ~B. Lanier
  • Adilene Ferretiz! (Kinder) Adilene sets a good example for her classmates. She shares, is happy, and is willing to be friends with everyone. Thank you for being so welcoming Adilene. ~B. Lanier
  • Jamarri Shedd! (Kinder) Comforting a student who was upset! ~L. Houston
  • Christopher Hernandez-Sanchez! (Kinder) Christopher is a joy to have in class and always respectful to his peer and teachers! ~A. Mason
  • Bella Argueta! (Kinder) Bella works hard and is a great friend to her peers! ~A. Mason
  • Waylon Russell Grant! (Kinder) Waylon has been showing tremendous effort in class. He tries his best at his classwork as well as following directions in class. Way to go Waylon! ~R. Smith
  • Fernanda Ulin! (Kinder) Fernanda is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand to myself as well as her classmates. She is a tremendous peace builder in our classroom. Keep up the fantastic work! ~R. Smith
  • Natalie Sanchez! (1st grade) The student is always happy and loves school. She is a fast learner, and has increased her reading skills a lot. She is pushing herself to do better every day. ~S. Sherrod
  • Gisselle Montanez! (1st grade) The student always has a positive attitude and smile. She works hard on everything she does, and always does her best! She is striving to improve every day! ~S. Sherrod
  • Jakobi Ellis! (1st grade) The student has come to school with a positive attitude and is excelling at his reading skills! ~S. Sherrod
  • Charlee Dixon! (1st grade) Charlee is a friendly and hardworking student. She is always ready to help. I enjoy having her in class and seeing her grow in her learning. ~T. Hayden
  • Reina Flores! (1st grade) Reina is a hard worker. She always has a smile and a good attitude. I enjoy having her in class. ~T. Hayden
  • Elijah Banks! (1st grade) Elijah is a friendly and hardworking student. He is a great helper and peer tutor. I enjoy having him in class. ~T. Hayden
  • Leonardo Martinez! (1st grade) Pleasure to have in my class! Always willing to help his classmates. Very helpful as well. ~D. Ballard
  • Moses Careaga! (1st grade) Always follows directions and willing to learn! Glad to have him in my class! ~D. Ballard
  • Aydan Bell! (1st grade) He is doing great at being accountable for his work and sitting for group time. ~L. Houston
  • Sophia Bohannon! (1st grade) Sophia is a student who is eager to learn and to help. She is kind and willing to share with others. ~C. Collins
  • Iker Huerta! (2nd grade) Great student, good attitude! ~S. Turner
  • Alex Arreaga-Mendez! (2nd grade) Alex is a great student in my class! He is always participating in class and is very involved! He always does as asked and listens and follows directions very well! ~C. Fisk
  • Daniela Navarro! (2nd grade) Daniela is a wonderful student in my class! She is always so helpful and kind to others! She is a very sweet girl. Daniela is a joy to have in my classroom! ~C. Fisk
  • Bradley Hernandez Rivero! (2nd grade) Great student, good attitude! ~S. Turner
  • Delanie Gonzalez! (2nd grade) Delanie is a hard worker and is always helping others! She has a cheerful attitude! ~MA. Albritton
  • Aiden Ramirez! (2nd grade) Aiden has been working very hard. He is always participating and is such a kind friend to all! ~MA. Albritton
  • Cynthia Gaytan! (2nd grade) Cynthia has gotten a top score in every AR test taken this week. Great job Cynthia! ~J. Bermudez
  • Ethan Maldonado! (2nd grade) Ethan has been sharp in class this week. He has been recalling concepts learned in the first few weeks with ease! ~J. Bermudez
  • Rey Rivera! (2nd grade) He has done a great job in making sure others make good choices and reminding them of the classroom rules. ~L. Houston
  • Emma Santos Martinez! (2nd grade) She has been making great strives for improving in math! ~L. Houston
  • Emely Zapata! (3rd grade) Emely always has a smile on her face. She participates in class, wants to answer questions, and is a hard worker. ~M. Brimer
  • Samuel De La Cruz! (3rd grade) Student has completed his AR points! He is well on his way to completing his AR goal! Way to go! ~T. Luna
  • Jessica Alvarez! (3rd grade) Student has completed her AR points! She is well on her way to completing her AR goal! Way to go! ~T. Luna
  • Guillermo Vargas! (3rd grade) Student has completed 6 AR points! He is well on his way to completing his AR goal! Way to go! ~T. Luna
  • Diego Torres! (3rd grade) Student has completed his AR points! He is well on his way to completing his AR goal! Way to go! ~T. Luna
  • Daniel Gomez! (3rd grade) Student has completed his AR points! He is well on his way to completing his AR goal! Way to go! ~T. Luna
  • Edgar Garcia! (3rd grade) Student has completed his AR points! He is well on his way to completing his AR goal! Way to go! ~T. Luna
  • Marivel Jaimez! (4th grade) Marivel works hard and always is eager to learn. ~M. Brimer
  • Alejandro Ortega! (4th grade) Great student! Always participates and helps others! ~V. Svoboda
  • Arely Villegas! (4th grade) Arely is always willing to help others and is constantly on task. What a bright star! ~J. Jackson
  • Karen Saldana! (5th grade) Good behavior Respectful Works very hard in class even if it is difficult for her. ~J. Delgado
  • Alisson Castilleja! (5th grade) Top grades. Excellent behavior. Respectful. ~J. Delgado
  • Hector Lomeli! (5th grade) Most improved student in behavior and grades, excellent progress. ~J. Delgado
  • April Martinez! (5th grade) Top grades, respectful, and helpful. ~J. Delgado
  • Allison Rodriguez! (5th grade) Top grades, excellent behavior, helpful, and respectful. ~J. Delgado
  • Abigail Guevara! (5th grade) Top grades and Helpful. ~J. Delgado




Cleveland Middle School

  • Aleyshka Rojas! (6th grade) Aleyshka is so much fun! I love having her in class. She is extremely hard working and likes to help others. ~S. Rivas
  • Astrid Calles! (6th grade) Astrid is a pleasure to have in class! She is eager to learn, loves to help others, and is always on task. ~S. Rivas
  • Heather Perry! (7th grade) Heather is such a wonderful student and a joy to have in class! She always has a smile and it seems to be contagious! She has been working hard to improve herself and stepping up to help as a Peer Tutor from time to time. You are rocking it Heather! Keep up the awesome work! ~L. Howell
  • Lesliee Alvarez! (7th grade) Lesliee has been improving in Math a lot! She is always on time and seems to be understanding the material beautifully. She is always willing to be involved in classroom discussion and even being helpful as a peer tutor in class. Keep it up Lesliee! ~L. Howell
  • Enzelin Gonzalez! (7th grade) Enzelin is a joy to have in class! She is always putting in hard work and makes sure she is successful. You're doing great, Enzelin! ~J. Conkle
  • Leslie Medina! (7th grade) Leslie has been so focused on being a great student. She works hard every day and makes great choices. Thank you, Leslie! ~J. Conkle
  • Eliseo Perez! (7th grade) Eli has been working so hard in class! He is always excited to learn new things and is a great classmate. ~J. Conkle
  • Caroline Green! (8th grade) Congrats for making the Middle School All-Region Band!! ~A. Diosdado
  • Macie Imel! (8th grade) Congrats to Macie for making the middle School All-Region Band!! ~A. Diosdado
  • Ivan Reynosa! (8th grade) Congrats for making the middle school All-Region Band!!

~A. Diosdado

  • Cinthia Marin! (8th grade) Cinthia is such a great student! She is self-driven and a great problem solver who always has a smile on her face. ~S. Rivas
  • Yester Reyes! (8th grade) I absolutely enjoy having Yester in class. He is such a kind and helpful young man. ~S. Rivas


Cleveland High School

  • Vanessa Alva! (9th grade) I caught Vanessa in action while doing a good deed. She showed what an amazing character she has because she did it without hesitation and without wanting anything in return. So proud to have students like her on our campus! #CHSproud. ~D. Quezada
  • Mackenzie Allen! (10th grade) Kenzie is an awesome student leader. She always helps those around her with difficult concepts in class and is a joyful active participant in activities. ~J. Wallace
  • Janayra Cavazos! (10th grade) Janayra is a leader in the classroom. She sets a model example for the rest of her classmates to follow. She is helpful, smart, and a joy to have in the classroom. ~A. Seiler
  • Corbin Fulgham! (10th grade) Corbin has been doing it all for AFJROTC. Wings Over Houston airshow, stadium cleanups, toy drive fundraiser, he always gives 100%. Due to his outstanding leadership, I just named him Echo Flight Commander. Great job Corbin! ~Lt. Col. R. Hunt
  • Quindon Foreman! (10th grade) Quindon is always eager to learn and has the best attitude. No matter the task, he excels because he consistently works so hard. Grateful to be his teacher! Keep up with good work!! ~J. Banks
  • Kynnzee Choate! (11th grade) Kynnzee is a great student whose enthusiasm is both electric and contagious. She brightens up my classroom each day when she comes to school and because of her example, she helps others shine too. ~J. Wallace
  • Victoria Hawkins! (11th grade) Victoria has been such an amazing student in my class! She has so much strength and grace and I am so proud to be her teacher. I watch as she helps those around her and never asks for anything in return... Keep up the great work! ~M. Durtche
  • Lizbeth Ramirez! (11th grade) I have seen Liz really grow this year! She is such a joy to have in class and I admire her ability to not only get things done, but also to go the extra mile to help others. She makes me feel so lucky to be her teacher. Keep reaching for all the best in life Liz, because you have the ability to get it! ~M. Durtche
  • Nancy Lopez! (11th grade) Nancy has really taken on a leadership role in the class! While getting ready for a class debate, I watched as she really took charge of her responsibilities and owned that role! I am so proud of you Nancy!! ~M. Durtche
  • Leonardo Puentes! (11th grade) Leonardo offers a kind, helping hand to all of his classmates, and his excitement to learn is infectious! ~S. Renfroe
  • Christian Emery! (11th grade) Christian is always very respectful! He goes out of his way to make sure he shakes my hand every day, and he shows the utmost respect for all his classmates. He is the kind of student that makes staff and students proud to be a part of the CHS tribe! ~S. Renfroe
  • Jordon Mize! (11th grade) Jordon goes out of his way to make sure his fellow students and teachers are appreciated! He ensures that the class is welcoming to everyone, especially new students! ~S. Renfroe
  • Jose Vidal! (11th grade) Jose always participates and shows enthusiasm about class! His ideas and input in discussions are always helpful and insightful for the class! ~S. Renfroe
  • Juan Medina Jr.! (11th grade) Student really stepped up in class. Student covered 2 parts in a production at the last minute because we unexpectedly lost a student that day. He was a rock star!! ~M. Redd
  • Laurelei Cox! (11th grade) Laurelei always does what she should be doing, has a positive attitude every day, and eagerly volunteers to help when she sees someone in need. ~I. Eichenlaub
  • Donovan Ramirez! (12th grade) Donovan is one of best students. He has an A in my class and a positive attitude ready to learn. It is an honor to have him in my class! ~B. Schweitzer
  • Jennifer Nino Aranda! (12th grade) Jennifer is one of my best students. She has an A in my class and exceeds in all of her work. It is a joy having her in class! ~B. Schweitzer
  • Christian Rashid! (12th grade) Christian has always been an amazing student. I want to thank him for not only being a great representative of CHS but he's also an awesome human being! ~E. Hagen
  • Nydia Narvaez! (12th grade) Lydia has worked very hard completing her credit recovery, so she can graduate. I am so very proud of how she has taken charge and pushed forward. Her attitude is awesome and I know she will go far in life. ~J. Youngblood
  • Christian Rashid! (12th grade) Christian always has a positive attitude and is a joy to have in the classroom. He contributes great ideas to classroom discussion and has a bright future ahead of him. ~A. Seiler



Douglass Learning Academy

  • Taylor Pittman! (11th grade) Taylor is a student in my Welding II class at DLA. He is a great student and is very enthusiastic about learning to weld. Taylor has a good attitude and perfect attendance. ~T. Jones
  • Mary Colon! (11th grade) Mary is a pleasure to have in Science class. She is friendly and very helpful. She is ahead in her Environment Systems Science course and should complete it month early. Keep up the good work. ~D. Seagraves