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CISD Star Students

Posted Date: 01/17/2020

CISD Star Students


Week ending March 6, 2020

Southside Elementary

  • Alex Penaloza! (2nd grade) He’s is a very dedicated students. He likes Reading, Writing and Social Studies assignments. ~J. Martinez
  • Christopher Garcia!  (4th grade) Christopher is always eager to learn. I'm sure he will reach all his goals. I'm proud of you Christopher! ~N. Caraballo


Northside Elementary

  • Levi Bynum! (Kinder) Levi is very helpful. He is always willing to help a friend in need. ~B. Rodriguez
  • Hernan Hidalgo! (4th grade) Hernan always care about his grades! He is improving in academics in all subjects. ~D. Martinez
  • Camila Arredondo! (4th grade) Camila is making great improvements in all academic subjects. ~D. Martinez




Eastside Elementary

  • Isabella Jimenez! (Kinder) Isabella is such a sweet classmate. She is always an encouraging friend to her peers. Her bubbly personality brings so much joy to our class! ~C. Clark
  • Jade De La Cruz! (Kinder) Jade has been working so hard and has improved so much in her math studies the past several weeks! Keep up the hard work Jade! ~C. Clark
  • Camila Padron! (1st grade) Camila is an absolute joy to have in class because of her sweet heart and how she treats everyone with respect. She is super smart and a ROCKSTAR at reading! ~S. Farris
  • Nadia Morales! (1st grade) Nadia is so sweet and polite ALWAYS! She is always helping everyone out and making sure everyone is okay. She is the little "mother" of our classroom and treats everyone equally. Her kind heart shows daily and I enjoy having her in my class! ~S. Farris
  • Henry Marek! (1st grade) Henry is always so helpful to his teacher and classmates. He is always willing to help anyone out in need and is very respectful while doing so. He is very creative and super smart! I love having Henry in my class and all of his classmates love him! Henry is a joy at Eastside!! ~S. Farris
  • Eliana Hernandez! (1st grade) Eliana has been working hard is class to learn. She likes to help me and other students. ~C. Collins
  • Ambria Reed! (1st grade) Improving her grades by making top grades on her spelling and sight word tests! ~S. Elliott
  • Alexis Salay Lopez! (1st grade) Alexis has been working hard, He actively participates in the reading interventions and has shown great progress in reading. Keep up the good work Alexis! ~K. Mella
  • Charlie Chamness! (2nd grade) Charlie has a sweet smile and works very hard for me all the time! She is an absolute treasure!! ~R. Henderson
  • Lizbeth Villalpando! (3rd grade) Lizbeth has increased her reading comprehension skills. She is working to the fullest of her abilities. She is increasing her self-confidence in her reading ability. Awesome job Lizbeth! ~S. Lezama
  • Adolfo Duran! (3rd grade) Adolfo has worked hard to improve in math. He showed tremendous growth on his Benchmark Test.  ~M. Scott
  • Abel Ezquizabel! (3rd grade) Abel is making excellent progress in his reading speed. He is working extra hard to improve and takes pride of what he learns! ~S. Lezama
  • Leisha Lagunes! (3rd grade) Leisha has shown a great amount of improvement with her reading. She has learned to use more of her reading strategies. ~S. Lezama
  • Ruben Castaneda! (3rd grade) Ruben's reading has improved considerably throughout the year. He is enjoying reading and is excited about learning! ~S. Lezama
  • Francisco Gallardo! (3rd grade) For improving so much in his reading skills! His improvement is out of this world. ~S. Lezama
  • Katelynn Corsey! (3rd grade) She is such a hard worker! She never gives up! ~R. Thompson
  • A’leyia White! (3rd grade) She is always focused and ready to learn! She loves helping the teacher. ~R. Thompson
  • Saul Elizalde! (4th grade) Saul works very hard in class to make sure he does good work! ~R. Taylor
  • Diego Gutierrez! (4th grade) Great, hardworking student! ~V. Svoboda
  • Alessandro Madrid! (4th grade) Awesome improvement in reading and spelling. His eagerness to learn is impressive! ~S. Lezama
  • Jemarkus Fante! (4th grade) Jemarkus has been staying on task and doing a great job of completing his work! ~R. Taylor
  • Johnathan Hernandez! (4th grade) Johnathan is a great student! He works hard for me and is always ready to learn! ~C. Ham
  • Isabella Pescina! (4th grade) Isabella always models good values with her peers. ~M. Mullenix
  • Jenna Francis! (4th grade) Jenna is friendly and helpful and she does her best in class every day! ~R. Taylor
  • Steven Reyes-Chavez! (4th grade) He is working so hard to grow and learn this year!!! ~M. Mullenix
  • Christian Espinoza! (5th grade) Christian is an amazing student who works very hard. He is a joy to work with! ~R. Henderson
  • Diego Avila Hernandez! (5th grade) He is so helpful and nice, he helped me carry some heavy things from my car to my classroom. ~M. Brimer
  • Sergio Munoz! (5th grade) Sergio is working very hard and doing his best every day. I am so proud of his efforts! ~A. Bergeron
  • Leslie Limon and Nathaniel Terry! (5th grade) Thank you for showing up for tutoring with sheer eagerness. Every day. Keep up the good work! ~M. Gayle




Cleveland Middle School

  • Angelli Gonzalez! (7th grade) Angelli is a great student and so very helpful. She is a hard worker and gives me her best every day in class. ~A. Oveal
  • Logan Barclay! (7th grade) Logan has been working hard at making the right choice and working independently. ~T. Pennington


Cleveland High School

  • Elias Anguiano! (9th grade) Elias is a hard worker, and very well behaved. He is a GREAT role model for his classmates. ~L. Raska
  • Rey Armstrong! (10th grade) Rey is a great student whose charisma and overall character speaks volumes about his future. He is always willing to help others and is a joy to have in class. ~J. Wallace
  • Hannah Loge! (10th grade) Hannah is a great student. She's made so much progress this year that I cannot wait to see what all she accomplishes! This girl is going to succeed and will stop at nothing to reach her goals. Keep it up Hannah, you're doing amazing things! ~J. Wallace
  • Alyssa Gil! (10th grade) Alyssa is the sweetest student buy far in my classroom. I really enjoy teaching her. ~L. Raska
  • A'aliyah R Guillory! (10th grade) A'aliyah is a hustler, always getting her business done both in and out of school. Often referred to as an example of someone who is a "go-getter." ~R. Lavine
  • Alex Perez! (10th grade) Excellent academics and always willing to assist others when asked. ~R. Lavine
  • Leticia Paniagua Arzate! (10th grade) Leticia is a great student. She is always able to add to the discussion or answer questions. We read and share with the class. Leticia is a model student, gets her materials and gets started quietly. ~D. Barker
  • Micdal Facundo! (10th grade) Micdal earned Cadet of the Month for February! Micdal has been an active and valuable member of AFJROTC and impressed the board with her professionalism. Great job Micdal! ~Lt. Col. R. Hunt
  • Karla Montano! (11th grade) Karla has gone above and beyond by ensuring her ELL’s class mates get the most out of an American Literature class. ~I. Eichenlaub
  • Jazmin Moreno! (12th grade) Jazmin is so helpful in the counseling center. She will do whatever is asked of her, even get students from out in the portables when others don't want to go. She has worked hard to be successful with her grades and complete everything she needs to for graduation. I am proud of how hard she has worked. Keep up the good job! ~J. Youngblood
  • Kyle Singleton Lee! (12th grade) Kyle is the sweetest young man. He is so polite and helpful. He is always trying to assist in the counseling office and works very hard in ROTC. He is very respectful and polite and I am proud of all he has accomplished. Keep up the awesome work! ~J. Youngblood
  • Ashlee Eleby! (12th grade) Ashlee brings a positive attitude to the classroom every day. She's intelligent and thoughtful, and she's also respectful of herself, her classmates, and her teachers. Her future is very bright. ~A. Seiler


Douglass Learning Academy

  • Taylor Pittman! (12th grade) Taylor completed his last electives course at DLA and is in the homestretch with his final four core courses. Finish strong and you will soon be a proud 2020 graduate. Congratulations!!! ~C. Millard
  • German Ortiz Hernandez! (12th grade) German is a student in my Welding I class at DLA. On Friday he will have completed all of his requirements and will be an official graduate of DLA. Along with being a graduate, German has earned several certifications in welding, Great Job German and Congratulations! ~T. Jones