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CISD Star Students

Posted Date: 10/15/2020

CISD Star Students


Week ending 10/23/2020

Southside Elementary

  • Sawyer Ryan! (Pre-K) Sawyer works hard and tries his best every time in my classroom. He likes to help his classmates and the teacher. I’m lucky to have time! ~B. Capo
  • Ashley Arteaga! (Pre-K) Ashley is such a hard worker! She is very engaged during the lessons, and is always respectful. I am very proud of her! ~B. Capo
  • Diego Valentin! (Kinder) Diego has been working hard on his letters and words this year! ~A. Hagan
  • Luis Perea! (Kinder) Luis has been working hard at all of our LIVE Lessons! ~A. Hagan
  • Maryari Caracheo! (1st grade) Maryari is an eager learner and participates in class to get the most out of the lessons. She has already made huge strikes this year. I am so proud of her and exited to continue to watch her grow and excel as a first grader. ~D. Hubbard
  • Galilea Gonzalez! (1st grade) Galilea is so sweet to her peers and other staff. She is very soft spoken but loves to be a stand out in class discussions and activities. She is a pleasure to have in my class. J ~A. Call
  • Alejandro Fajardo! (2nd grade) Alejandro is a virtual student, He has not missed one single google meet, and he is present every day and turns in his work! I am super proud of how he is excelling! ~H. Irvin


Northside Elementary

  • Avery Crowel! (1st grade) Avery is a joy to have in class! She comes to school every day ready to learn! She is sweet and has the best manners! ~D. Burkett
  • Jeremiah Arzola! (2nd grade) Jeremiah is a sweet boy who always follows directions and tries his hardest. Thank you Jeremiah! ~T. Blackburn
  • Lisett Peisna! (2nd grade) Lisett has come into the classroom ready to learn and has been an amazing addition to the classroom. Thank you Lisett. ~T. Blackburn
  • Kelvin Nill Reyes! (2nd grade) Kelvin is a very respectful student well-spoken and very polite. He is a hard worker and he puts his best effort on each activity. It is a pleasure to have him in class. ~L. Hoey & B. La Rotta
  • Melissa Leal! (2nd grade) Melissa has a positive attitude every day. She is always ready to learn. She is a very good example to her classmates. Way to go Melissa! ~L. Hoey & B. La Rotta
  • Zoe Norred! (3rd grade) Zoe is always excited to participate in reading class. She is very bright and a fantastic role model. She has a very positive and outgoing attitude. ~J. Diaz
  • Kenya Beasley! (3rd grade) Kenya has a fantastic attitude in class. She is always positive and ready to learn. ~J. Diaz
  • Vina Lewis! (3rd grade) Vina always comes to class ready to learn! She listens and participates in class daily. She is a fantastic student and loves to help her teachers. ~D. Bashor
  • Nicacio Valdez Castro! (3rd grade) Nicacio is a Star Student because he is so kind and respectful to everyone he interacts with. He is always on task, and giving it all in every subject. Way to Nicacio!! ~K. Jozwick
  • Emily Cisneros! (3rd grade) Emily is a Star Student because she brings joy wherever she goes. She is bright, friends, and always has a smile on her face. Thank Emily for your positive energy in our classroom. ~K. Jozwick
  • Caitlyn Galloway! (4th grade) Caitlyn comes to class prepared and ready to learn. She works hard and is a joy to have in my class. ~J. Oldham
  • Mauro Alonso Gonzalez! (5th grade) Mauro is a very well-mannered young man. We are blessed to have him at Northside! ~B. Smith
  • Francisco Castillo! (5th grade – Virtual) Francisco is a rising star in the 5th grade. In the virtual classroom he completes his assignments on time and with excellence standards in mind. He is really going places. ~K. Brown


Eastside Elementary

  • Jaxon Zeagler! (Kinder) Jaxon has truly stolen my heart! He has made a very positive change in his behavior and work ethic in the classroom. I am very proud of him! ~L. Harrison
  • Emily Bergeron! (1st grade) Emily is a great helper! She helps other students when she sees they are in need. J. Brown
  • Alexa Perez! (1st grade) Alexa is a hard working creative student. I am happy to have her in my class and I look forward to seeing her grow in her learning this year. ~T. Hayden
  • Christian Aquino Aleman! (2nd grade) Christian is a wonderful student who always comes to school ready to learn. He is always respectful to others and a friend to all! ~C. Fisk
  • Heidi Cruz! (2nd grade) Heidi is a great student who always participates and raises her hand during discussions! She is always respectful and kind to all. She is a joy to have in my classroom! ~C. Fisk
  • Leonardo Martinez! (2nd grade) Leonardo is a hard worker and does his best! ~L. Gothard
  • Bronson Desnoyers! (2nd grade) Bronson has been working so hard and is showing a positive attitude! ~M. Albritton
  • Salem Howard! (2nd grade) This is her first week of face2face! Salem has a positive attitude and she works very hard. ~M. Albritton
  • Milu Gonzales! (2nd grade) This is Milu first week of face2face! She is very helpful to others and she has a positive attitude! ~M. Albritton
  • Alianet Garcia! (4th grade) Alianet is a very valuable member of my Young Ladies Club. She has shown drive and excellent leadership skills that only come naturally to a natural born leader. I am truly blessed she is here at Eastside! ~A. Scott
  • James Cook! (5th grade) James is an excellent student! He is a member of Mr. Johnson Young Men Club. He shows excellent leadership skills, he handles his business in the classroom. James is always respectful to peers and staff. We are truly blessed to have him here at Eastside! ~A. Scott



Cottonwood Elementary

  • Carolina Sanchez! (2nd grade) Carolina is a hard working student who is willing to do anything to learn the material in front of her. She is constantly asking questions for better clarification. She follows all the rules put in front of her and is an excellent student to have in the classroom. ~J. Newcomb




Cleveland Middle School

  • Brandon Ramos! (7th grade) Brandon is a wonderful student who does his work and focuses on his assignments. He sets a great example for other students by being very respectful. ~P. Tuck
  • Taige Cox! (7th grade) Taige’s positive attitude this week has been awesome! Thank you Taige! ~P. Tuck
  • Ricardo Pineda Mata! (7th grade) Ricardo is an amazing student. He is always ready to learn in my class and is quietly helping out those around him. ~P. Opp
  • Alex Bettancourt! (7th grade) Alex is an extremely hard worker. Keep it up Alex!

~P. Opp

  • Persefani Angeles! (7th grade) Persefani is a hard worker with an infectious giggle. Thanks for making sure I am always keeping it real. ~P. Opp


Cleveland High School

  • Noe Lopez! (9th grade) Noe always does everything asked of him with no compliant, and is always first to lend a hand. He is kind when he interacts with his peers. I am so proud of how far he has come since the 6th grade! ~K. Spoonemore
  • Pedro Sanchez! (9th grade) Pedro goes out of his way to help and be kind, even to his teachers! He does exactly what is asked of him and more! Love having him around! ~K. Spoonemore
  • Stefany Cornejo! (9th grade) Stefany is very conscientious in her students. She comes to class on time and asks for extra work to better her English skills, helping her ability to communicate. Stefany has a great sense of humor. She is a great addition to the CHS Family! ~Dr. C. Gardner
  • Alexis Delallata! (10th grade) Alexis is a new AFJROTC cadet and is involved in everything; from football game flag running, stadium cleanup, and PT Fridays. Alexis continues to give 100%! She has a true sense of service and is definitely one of our future leaders! ~Lt. Col. Hunt
  • Victoria Ibanez! (11th grade) Victoria always participates in class, and she is always providing great ideas during the problem solving process. ~R. Storm
  • Ariana Rivera! (12th grade) Ariana is an awesome student who has begun mentoring others in an effort to help them succeed. She was nominated and elected as a HOSA officer this year, and I couldn’t be more proud of her! ~J. Wallace
  • Jennifer Elizade! (12th grade) Jen stepped way outside her comfort zone to run for HOSA officer this year and WON! She continues to wow her peers and teachers every day with her diligence and willingness to learn new things, and tenacity. ~J. Wallace
  • Rayven Wiltz! (12th grade) Rayven helps her peers when they do not understand how to solve a problem. Thank you Rayven! ~R. Storm


Douglass Learning Academy