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Credit by Exam

Credit by Exam and Acceleration Exams in Light of HB5

The district will offer CBE’s and acceleration exams four times a year within the following windows, as outlined by the state:



January 14-18

April 15-19

July 15-19

October 7-11


Specific dates will be assigned on a yearly basis.

In grades K – 8 the exams will consist of all four core subjects, math, reading/writing, science and social studies. For a student to be accelerated one grade level, they must score 80% or more on all four assessments.

In grades 9 – 12, Credit by Exam will be awarded if the student scores 80% or more, without having received prior instruction. If a score of 80% or more is achieved in a subject with an EOC attached (English 1, English 2, Algebra 1 Biology, US History), the student is not required to take that specific EOC.

To receive a CBE or acceleration exam the steps are:

Campus teacher/counselor or administrator when told by parent/guardian that they wish their child to participate in CBE, or acceleration exams will refer parent/guardian to Dawn O'Connor at Central Office, (281) 592-8717. Mrs. O'Connor will gather the relevant information from the parent/guardian and discuss if acceleration is the best plan for the child or if another avenue may be more appropriate. The parent/guardian will be informed of the next testing dates, when the materials will be available for collection, what materials/supplies the student will need to bring on the day of testing, and where the testing will take place.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. O'Connor at (281) 592-8717