AP District Honor Roll Banner

Cleveland ISD placed on the College Board’s 8th Annual AP District Honor Roll!

Cleveland Independent School District is one of 447 school districts in the U.S. and Canada being honored by the College Board with placement on the 8th Annual AP® District Honor Roll. To be included on the 8th Annual Honor Roll, Cleveland Independent School District had to, since 2015, increase the number of students participating in AP while also increasing or maintaining the percentage of students earning AP Exam scores of 3 or higher. Reaching these goals shows that this district is successfully identifying motivated, academically prepared students who are ready for AP. ….”Cleveland High School’s ability to achieve this “first time ever” high honor was made possible by the collaborative efforts of the campus administrative team, teachers, and students. During the 2013-14 school year, CHS Administration formed a campus “college and career ready” team to plan and implement methods to increase student participation and success in college readiness programs. The outcome was a plan to identify ALL students who have the potential to be successful in rigorous programs such as Pre-AP, AP, and Dual Credit courses. The team utilized student data that consisted of past state assessment scores, past student progress and report card scores, and current student progress and report card scores. Identified students were then counseled on their potential success in these advanced programs and were invited to participate in the courses as long as entry requirements for certain programs were met. The response from the students was positive and self-motivating because they had a team of educators who were coming to them and inviting them to be involved in advanced programs instead of the usual method of students coming to the educators signing up to be in the advanced courses. Many students do not realize their own potential until it is brought to their attention. Beginning in 2015, students were enrolled into select programs that data showed they had the potential to succeed in. The students were monitored and supported and the results were amazing. Students who had never considered being a candidate for such programs were now excelling and proving to themselves that they could be successful. Teachers were excited in the students’ ability to be successful and how it changed the culture of Cleveland High School. This process continued into the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years. Over this 3 year period, the number of dual credit hours offered at CHS increased from 24 – 53; the number of Pre-AP course offerings increased from 2 to 12; and the number of AP course offerings increased from 2 to 6. This success for CHS and CISD would not have been possible without the dedicated students and teachers at CHS who embraced a challenging philosophy to increase student participation and achievement in programs that would only benefit them after graduation.” ~Stephen McCanless, Cleveland High School Principal National